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Hey, everyone! This is the mining game, Stone Mine Simulator, or Mine! as it's usually called. You will gain stone and use it to buy loads of upgrades and buildings! Start with only a pickaxe, then purchase buildings to help you mine stone to oblivion! Earn achievements along the way, and work to mine all the stone in the world! (This Wiki is in very early beta, so don't expect this to be very helpful right now!)

Important Stuff Edit




Game Links Edit

Mine! Beta (for testing) -

Mine! Live (for users to play) -

Other Games Edit

Kick A Bear (A funny toy-bear-torturing game.) -

Paint Daint - "To me, it's 'The Game That Failed.' "

Notice, The Game "Paint Daint" and "Kick A Bear" were made using an old engine and they're in lower quality.

How To Contact Me

I am the only person that's working on the game right now. If you'd like to contact me, you have two options.

  • On this Wiki

I'm on those sites for probably an hour a day (except weekends). If I'm not online, I'm probably doing other things.

Rules (And Stuff) Edit

Of course, there are rules here. I like to call them "Laws Of Mining," but you can stick with rules.

If you spam or troll or do something else horrible, the following can happen to YOU!

  • One Bad Thing - 1 Day Ban
  • Another Bad Thing - 1 Week Ban
  • EVEN Another Bad Thing - 1 Month Ban

Final Bad Action - 1 Year Ban (it multiplies by 2 every time)

If You're VERY bad (inappropriate stuff, viruses, etc.) you will get a 10 Year Ban on your Account! (So please just be a good little person)

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